This Week on TOAP

Episode 33 - Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore)

Are you excited? Because Damian sure is, as this week he gets to meet his guest, the legendary Jon Spencer, for the first time! Sit back as Jon talks about his journey from good kid to ultra negative Pussy Galore front man to a Rock and Roll celebrating music icon.

Also touched on:

-Not listening to Rock and Roll as kid
-Hearing about Punk
-Wining a subscription to Heavy Metal magazine through and Art prize and discovering the Residents
-Night Flight, MTV and New Wave videos
-Being a hater of 70’s rock
-Going to New York to listen through the door to the Swans' practices 
-Chemicals and Adolescents: From being a good student to Pussy Galore 
-The original Pussy Galore that became Phillastones 
-Shithaus: industrial terror and art happenings
-Not jiving with the hardcore rules
-Accidentally winding up being neighbors with CBGBs
-Looking up to the Fall
-Pussy Galore: Bratty and not about fostering anything positive
-It’s hard to maintain doing something so poisonous
-Taking advantage of the Post-Nirvana music landscape 
-Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and messing with people
-Caroline Records
-Pussy Galore And White Zombie
-Gerard Cosloy and Pussy Galore Go To White Castle
-Matador Records
-Jesus Lizard: peers and mentors 
-Boss Hog’s Joe’s Apartment 
-Having off nights
-Your parents coming to shows
-Jon Spencer
-Cinema Of Transgression
-Working with Weird Al
-Chain Gang


Episode 32 - Billy Hamilton (Silverstein)

Are you nerdy about records? Well, if you are... We have a treat for you! Sit back and enjoy Damian and his guest, Billy from Silverstein talking about their sweet vinyl addiction. Plus, Billy’s journey through suburban hail shows to American Idol (sort of)! 

Also covered: 

-Records as life
-Getting punk as almost as a handy-me down from older siblings
-Jerk Circus: Pre-Silverstien
-Pre-Alexisonfre: Burlington’s Hoodrat 
-BMXing with Greg from Jersey and Grade
-Bane playing Burlington BEFORE Toronto
-The Harshest of Harsh: The many Message Boards on Southern Ontario
-Having a personal dis launch the 905 board
-Falling off the stage at your first Silverstein show
-The Music Gym
-Skipping school to tour the east coast of Canada
-The Silverstein/ Arcade Fire/ Death From Above 1979 connection
-Taking photos
-The coolest job on Earth: Working at The Oakville Lick’s
-The literal Fireworks of Moneen
-Three Gut Records
-Being an unabashed Colofan
-The No Warning accent
-Pre-internet hardcore rumor mill 
-From playing with One Line Drawing to Fife Dobson to Subb to Dillinger Escape Plan in a few weeks
-Alexisonfire having to borrow a bass amp… and never living it down
-Getting a call from Tony Victory
-Getting to organize the No Idea Records Vault and cleaning up in the process
-Touring Japan opening for Avril Levine for three weeks
-Beer collecting? and more record collecting shit
-Having to buy your own record from Victory
-Having your song used as American Idol audition song
-Pre and Post Alexisonfire Canadian music
-The Hambone Manor
-What the Warped Tour is like now versus then.


No one is more excited than J Mascis to finally get to sit down with Damian for an episode of Turned Out A Punk. Listen along as J ; gleefully, earnestly, and passionately recounts his journey from Deep Wound drummer to Guitar God. 

Topics also hit on:

-The similarities between doing WTF and TOAP
-Being unable to make it through the Gerard Cooly’s episode because it was “too nerdy”
-Finding Punk through hearing about the Ramones at record stores
-Starting to take the “Joke Music” seriously
-Loving Mott Hoople 
-Meeting the rest of Deep Wound
-J had a radio show!?!?!?!
-J mail-ordering the Finnish hardcore 7” cannon
-Being pen-pals with the Neos
-Gerard thoughts on Deep Wound making J literally LOL
-Being pissed off (still) about the Bands The Could Be God Comp.
-Gerard Cosloy: Manager/ back-up singer
-Seeing the two worst Mission To Burma shows back in the day
-Lou Barlow being too scared to go to the Minor Threat show
-The Boston guys being scary and “focused”
-The first Deep Wound show with the FU’s
-Maybe putting on the first Last Rights’ show
-Killslug: Creepy dudes
-Waking up one day and Hardcore has ended
-The Vash D Bashers: Dread Din and J’s three drums and vocal project
-Raw Power: Fun Live
-Collaborating with Paul Schaffer
-Being on Beavis And Butthead: “A highpoint”
-Taking Matt Dillon to CBGB’s and getting him covered in shit
-Playing on Jenny Jones
-Turning down playing on Conan in the beginning
-Being on the Judgment Night Soundtrack
-1991: The Year Of Punk Broke: the time
-What Nirvana sounds like
-GBV: innocence in a sea of jadedness
-J’s record collection
- and more


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by a good bud and a member of one of his current favorite bands, Good Throb. Welcome on Bryony Beynon. Sit back as the two discuss BB’s journey through punk and the quest to find fellow "communist girls that listen to Madball.” 

Also talked about:

-Activation and creating visual maps
-Take That and UK fandom
-Blur vs. Oasis not being your war
-Tony Hawk Pro-Boarder
-Meeting Belinda: A 14 into the Fall and the Sonics
-The un-pretentiousness of Wales Scene
-Damian not being able to pronounce anything
-Going to Brighton
-Count On Form
-“I Just Want To Mosh!”
-How to bring good music to good politics?
-Learning collective politics at Cowley Club
-Abandon Ship
-Mia Victoria: A Force Of Nature
-Back Stabbath 
-First show with 108
-Unbroken fandom 
-How British pop is taken up in North America
-Hangin’ in pubs talkin’ records
-Modern Hate Vibe the zine
-The amazingness of Murder Contest zine
-Forming the Sceptres
-Integrity and liking band you don’t agree with
-I am the third Melnick
-“it’s kinda expensive and kinda of hard, so maybe do it?”
-Trying to pull of and justify liking sketchy bands
-Running Dire Records
-Touring with the Shitty Limits 
-Forming Good Throb
-How did Crisis become Death In June?
-“I just want to find Communist girls that listen to Madball.”

Episode 29 - Nick Flanagan (Teen Crud Combo & Brutal Knights)

Come and sit in as your host Damian invites in his friend and lead singer hero Nick Flanagan. Sit back and learn about how Nick went form being a zine writing indie kid to fronting Teen Crud Combo and Brutal Knights. 

Also covered:

-Writing for kid shows
-Finding punk through SCTV and The Queen Haters
-The Young Lions
-Hilarious House Of Frightenstien: Like a Psychedelic Punk Dream 
-You Can’t Do That On Television
-Meeting Andrew from the Deadly Snakes (and a Starkweather cover band)
-The Grunge Stole Christmas and a list of bands that sounds like a Best Show call
-Borrowing a record from your neighbor
-Writing to Nardwuar 
-Damian’s Punk origin story
-DnD Raves
-Having to ditch your friends
-CFNY on Bloor Street: so sick
-Will the geographical layout of record stores in Toronto ever be relevant to anyone?
-How the band NC-17 shaped the face of modern music.
-Armed And Hammer, Repeat Offender, Hockey Teeth, Random Killing and the lost Toronto punk scene
-Leather Uppers
-Walking around Toronto
-Nick the 9th Grade Goth
-The 90’s: When everyone was a dick
-Dave from Rammer: Headcleaners's Hypeman
-Doing the first ever Toronto Nardwuar and the Evaporators show at 14
-Being threatened by the Market Punks
-Nick form the Deadly Snakes: the indie kid
-Making friends with the Shuttlecocks
-Allison Baker: The coolest
-Befriending Spaceshits (pre King Kahn and BBQ and Red Mass)
-The Anti-Flag, Spaceshits, Deadly Snakes and (maybe) Planet Smashers slumber party in Drake’s old Neighborhood
-Golden showers from King Kahn
-The weird disparate Montreal 90’s scene
-Getting groomed by Allison to be the singer of Teen Crud Combo
-Staining the soul as a teenager
-The Deadly Snakes, Toxic Holocaust, Rammer, Teen Crud Combo connections
-The Killer Elite
-Full Blast Rock
-Shows at the back of Rotate This
-Damian and Nick debate strain differentials in cannabis
-Not being able to deal with pop-punk vocals for a while
-Nick Resets The Rap
-The hoser-pseudo-hip-hop way of downtown Toronto speaking 
-The Dwarves influence
-Greg Dick and the Dreamdates
-The origins of the Teen Crud Combo vs. Deadly Snakes beef
-The continual rediscovery of the Stooges 
-The Robin Black beef
-Fifth Column are amazing!!!!


Some interviews come and go, while others are 20 some odd years in the making. This, dear listener, is the latter. Chris Hannah of Propagandhi is someone Damian first hoped to interview for his (never released) zine in 1996, but alas he was too chicken shit and thus waited until now to do so. Sit back and enjoy one of the few things in life that was worth the wait (to Damian at least) and have your faith in Punk rejuvenated. 

Also touched on: 

-“I had heard punk bands, but I hadn’t heard Million Of Dead Cops”
-Turning from a potential military weirdo into a different sort of weirdo
-Busy Fingers: Portage Le Praires’ one stop Sewing and Speed Metal Records shop
-Cops liking MDC
-Ramones not having enough rage.
-Cross-Over: Crumbsuckers, DRI, COC
-Punk just feeling different
-Missing the Cro Mags Bootleg at Wellingtons recording show by one day
-Corpus Vile test press buddies!!!!!!!
-Your mom refusing to drive you to see Venom and Slayer
-Stretch Marks
-Canadian Punk ROCK
-Crown Of Thorns: The Ex-LOWLIFE band that could have been Winnipeg's Metallica
-Dangerously Americanized Canadians
-Article Life
-Global Genocide “Facts Of War” tape is amazing!
-Beach Mutants rule!!!
-Damian putting Chris in his place about the release date of their first demo
-Ten Tepes O’Conner Records
-Punk nicknames
-Crawl and Ditch Pigs: Pre Propagandhi
-Apologies for the double 7”
-The influence of Bad Religion
-Looking to Guilt Parade, “Canada’s Dead Kennedys" as inspiration
-Still being a work in progress ideologically
-Staying at the Royal Albert
-First Propagandhi show with Immortal Possession  
-Ground/Top Floor Fugazi fandom
-Propagandhi/Sockeye connection
-The BFGs and the origins of Ska Sucks
-Feeling horribly let down by Bad Brains and Don’t Blow No Bubbles
-Playing with NoFX
-TONY’ ERBA!!!!!!!
-Playing with Jawbreaker
-Not getting Fat Mike’s role as producer: “what the fuck are you doing in here
-The greatness of Crate Amps
-Bad Religion: Ramones meets Motorhead
-NoFX: same formula as Bad Religion but with a little RKL
-Being far more excited by basement hardcore scene then the Skate/ Snowboarder video scene
-Going to see Fail-safe in Toronto in 1986
-“More Rock, Less Talk” still being a statement of intent
-Hating the vocals on How To Clean A Everything
-The Left For Dead beef
-So Much More!

Episode 27 - Chris Slorach (Metz)

This week Damian is joined by his practice space roomie, Chris Slorach of Metz. Grab a seat on a combo amp and listen in as the two talk about Chris’ journey from reluctant zinester to being in one of Canada’s greatest power trios. 

Also covered:

-Punk and dentists
-Being neighbors with Toronto punk/ hardcore/ metal legend Al Biddle
-Eric’s Trip and The Doughboys at the Palladium
-Project 9 and Grasshopper
-Meeting Headcleaner: the pre-Deadly Snakes and Teen Crud Combo band
-Doing the zine Justy
-“Winning” two years of a classified ads in Chart Magazine and having to keep doing zines because of it.
-The importance of the Toronto zine community
-Hockey Teeth and Politikill Incorrect
-Los Crudos
-The brilliance of Ink and Dagger
-The awesomeness of Sam from the Obliterations 
-The upside of SXSW 
-Getting into Sebadoh and home recording
-Walking down the street and finding a teenage Mike Duffield to be your band’s drummer
-The amazingness of promoter Dan Burke…. and explaining the 4am phone calls to your parents 
-Having to fill in on a bill for Strife with your high school “wimpy music” band 
-Scaring off Teenage USA with a 30 song demo
-Doing Acid at 17 a seeing Peeches perform at a Booze-Can 
-Adam Gill and Jordon from No Warning: inseparable
-The new Career Suicide line-up
-The Sadies: the band that could take any band’s slot on a bill
-Working at a used cd store 
-Getting recruited into Moneen through a friend
-Abandoned Hearts Club
-Spread The Disease: the go Hardcore Black Metal appropriators  
-“Retiring” from music at 24
-The Toronto HMV Yonge Street staff: Canadian music’s future who’s who
-A Barbecue for one and an invite to join Metz
-Quest For Fire
-Touring with Coliseum
-Hayden and Three Penny Opera 
-And more!!!!!


Do you like exhaustive looks at 90’s pop-punk? Well you’re in luck! This week on the show Damian is joined by his friend and sometime bandmate Jordan from Terror and No Warning. Get comfortable because the two go deep on Jordon’s (and Damian’s) journey into punk in the 90’s. 

Also covered :

-A computer crash costing the world the world least informed At The Drive-In conversation
-Bryan Adams and “Everything I Do”
-Going to see Metallica/ Danzig/ Suicidal Tendencies show at 12
-Hunger Strike being awesome
-The post Nirvana floodgate being open 
-“Back then a year felt like a life time”
-The role and importance of Green Day
-Screeching Weasel
-The Summer Of 1995: The Summer Of Epi-Fat
-Pennywise, The Joykiller Five Knuckle Chuckle and Jordon’s first punk show pit-beef
-The Greatness of the pop-punk era?
-“Epitaph is the REAL punk!”
-Rancid/ AFI/ Sick Boys
-The AFI Riot!
-Lifetime and Weston super underrated by the ’96 Toronto
-Good Riddance repping hardcore
-Trigger Happy: Toronto Heroes
-Adam Gill: No Warning (As We Once Were)’s first manager. PR guy and Svengali and maybe a riot starter?. 
-Time Flies’ “Invasion” 7”: Hardcore Currency
-Spitting gum Rick Rodney while singing along to Strife
-Joining As We Once Were and forcing them to not a Straight Edge
-Hardcore kids becoming rave DJs
-Getting into Stigmata and making it change your email address
-The Influence of Right Brigade
-What a difference a year makes in taste in Good Clean Fun
-The No Warning Ska intro
-Overtime: the pre-No Warning and Fucked Up goofy Youth Crew
-Missing Who’s Emma
-Millennial Reign lp plans
-Pizza Pizza and being from Toronto
-Korean BBQ


Hurry in dear listener and grab a seat as Damian welcomes to the show his friend Wade from Gallows and Alexisonfire. Listen in as the two discuss Wade going from a Misfits obsessed teen, to forming a band that changed the face of mainstream music in Canada. 

Also hit on:

-Getting a good guitar teacher with good taste as first exposure
-Hearing the Misfits Earth A.D. and shaping your high school world
-Southern Ontario Nazi Boneheads loving the second Misfits show in Toronto
-Razor Eater: Spraycan Lysol Punk
-It all starts with the Misfits: Plan 9 the punk band
-Sick Boys: St Catherine’s’ Punk band 
-Down By Law
-Listening to the Doughboys through the propped opened bar door
-Martyr Diablos Martyr
-Shout out to the Terminal Wally’s
-Snapcase opening your mind
-George Petit and Wade: going to any and every show.
-The Buffalo Basement scene
-Level Plane and Magic Bullet
-Plane 9 becomes After The Hallowed Moment
-Being the former Mr. Vegas
-Alexisonfire: the all-ages scene’s supergroup
-Dallas’ old band aiming for Shiner and coming up Creed
-Dillinger Escape Plan: fighting their guitars 
-The amazingness of Japanese record stores
-The significance of Tears For Fears
-Touring in March Break
-Breaking down in Binghamton
-Being a 17 year old touring shakedown artist
-Alexisonfire getting to laugh last at Blockbuster
-Principle Simpson: Alexisonfire's benefactor
-Not fitting in to any scene
-Wade’s Podcast
-Alexisonfire: Un-Fashionablecore Fashioncore

Episode 24 - Nate Newton (Converge)

This week on the show, Damian heads out to a show to talk to Converge’s Nate Newton. Listen as the two talk about buying a Skaterock tape at 11 led, as well as Nate joining Converge. 

Also covered:

-Why Nate’s face is burnt into Damian’s memory
-Ordering Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 1 at 11
-Nate and Damian unable to think of name of Beyond Possession
-Thrasher Magazine
-Stonehenge: Virginia Beach’s record/ probable front
-Graven Image
-Candy Snatchers
-At War
-Going to a Agnostic Front/ Vandals show for your first show in ’87
-Agent Orange
-Seeing the Ramones with Dee Dee
-Menace: VB thrashers
-1990: NYHC comes to
-Loving Gwar so much
-Getting a cease and desist order from another band called Lift when you are 15.
-The absolute awesomeness of Avail
-Four Walls Falling
-Being inspired by Shelter
-Neurosis and the art of touring
-A brief cameo by Tomas Lindberg
-The DIYness of Tragedy
-Being the first band on Jamie Hatebreed’s label
-The No Escape demo!
-Clutch and Inner Journey Records
-A show featuring bands with members Converge, Dropkick Murphys, Cave-In, Hatebreed and Red Sparrows
-Channel nearly being on Overkill Records
-The 90’s: When EVERYONE was doing shit
-Touring with Converge for your first tour…. years before you are in a band.
-Touring with Introspect (Eric Wareheim’s Emo band)
-Finding blast beats and starting Jesuit
-Frame 313
-The story of the disastrous Jesuit/ Dillinger Escape Plan/ Botch Canadian tour
-Today Is The Day
-How is Gehenna not banned from the Gilman?


This week on the show, Damian is joined by, former d.b.s. vocalist and producer of tons of amazing bands, Jesse Gander. Sit back as Damian gusts to the person who inspired him (and many other his age) to start a punk band.

Also covered:

-Punk-loving non-punk parents
-Hanoi Rocks
-Getting into it through the metal bands covering punk
-The offensive amazingness of the Sex Pistols
-Being 12 and going an inter-school-collective fanzine meeting
-Playing your first show at activist Trish Kelly’s 16 birthday
-The Pepsi Power Hour
-Brand New Unit
-Fugazi, Sparkmarker and Mecca Normal
-Three cassette only albums
-Hoping to open for Strain
-d.b.s.: Kid punk sensations
-Getting on Much Music before the first video dropped
-Green Day: “If these guys get on the radio they are going to be huge”
-The friendship with AFI
-Picking a crashpad out of the back Maximum Rock And Roll and winding up staying with -Rancid
-Nefer Records
-Gob throwing them in a van to tour.
-Playing with Pansy Division
-900 shows in 7 years
-Being totally disorganized as a tour booker
-The fearlessness of lying at the boarder when you are young
-Sno-Jam: Canada’s winter Warped Tour
-Naked guy jumps on the hood of your moving van and tries to claw his way in: Welcome to Spiderland Acres 
-Crimpshrine and Fifteen
-Having your life changed by Grade
-Japandroids and Husker Du’s guitar tone on New Day Rising
-Modern Lovers and Minor Threat: Who did it first?
-Jesse flying to see Damian’s d.b.s. cover band
-Touring Europe with DOA
-Nardwuar: One of the greatest of all-time
-Recording Submission Hold records


This week on Turned Out A Punk we give you part 2 of the conversation with Anthony Pappalardo. Listen as Damian and Anthony discuss the formation of In My Eyes all the way to their last tour with the Cro-Mags (that ends with an incredible Harley story). 

Also touched on:

-Turning your back on the Back On Track era of Ten Yard Fight
-Sweet Pete needing to be in a band already
-Having no business skills and thinking that’s the way it should be
-Getting courted by labels
-Being the New Balance connect
-Not going to Japan
-“We knew what we where”: Not being the right type of band for pro-core
-The infamous (in Damian’s mind) first Toronto In My Eyes show.
-Eating gluten: the start of so many straight edge memories
-Dear Pushead, NO SKULLS!!!
-Richie Underdog being pissed at you
-Not wanting to be the “STRAIGHT EDGE” straight edge band
-Sweet Pete and the Smiths
-How Boston went Mod
-Being assumed of some of your friends
-Someone forgot to tell the Cro-Mags they have to share the bus
-Kids rocking “Rap Sucks” Star Wars rip-off shirts
-Chilling with Paris while Harley fights a skinhead army
-Sinners and Saints
-Six Going On Seven
-“Hardcore Social Anxiety”
-The Professionals
-I’ll trade you some shirts for your weed
-Around The World
-Social Distortion
-Billy Duffying the shit all over everything


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian unveils the first half of his interview with Anthony Pappalardo, former guitarist of In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight, as well as author of the books Radio Silence and Live… Suburbia. Listen in to an episode so great, it needed two weeks!!!!

Some of the topics covered in part one:

-Growing up with nothing to do
-Led Zeppelin being too wimpy for your Dad
-MTV 24/7
-Tracking down punk heroes and calling them
-Raw Deal
-The quest for something harder
-The brilliance of Pushead’s writing
-Getting an NYHC mix tape through metal tape trading
-Being at a high school party with GG Allin
-Being told NOT to like Snapshot by the Punkers
-Hearing punk on Dr Demento
-Circle Jerks
-Angry Samoans 
-“The punk sitcom episode”
-Circus Puppies: the pre-Ten Yard Fight high school band
-Joe: The Skinhead-weed-farmer drummer
-Killing Time 
-Ten Yard Fight and band’s origins as a friends dis on his dad
-The weird era of Boston Hardcore with no big bands
-Instant Justice
-Converge and the early Sheer Terror influence
-Kids proudly rocking Death In June shirts: the world kinda sucks
-Not being into sketchy dude hardcore
-454 Big Block 
-Label interest and big heads
-Fighting in front of Brian McTernan
-The Fastbreak split: the beginning of In My Eyes
-Straight Edge Drunk: sleep deprivation 
-Ten Yard Fight nearly making their debut on TV
-“So Get Drunk! Yeah.”
-Being dissed by your former band
-Ink And Dagger: Living the evil vampire gimmick


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian chats with his “bud” Dallas Good of the legendary Toronto band The Sadies. Listen as they discuss everything from opening for the Bunchofuckingoofs at the age fourteen, to getting to play music with everyone from John Doe to Neil Young. 

Also covered in this episode:

-The Jolly Tambourine Man Connection
-Guilt Parade
-Living Proof
-Youth Youth Youth
-Direct Action
-Getting to join Sudden Impact at 17
-The 1st Police Picnic
-Going to buy New Values and getting Fun House
-Sting’s amazing early film works
-Getting to watch the elite of Toronto’s hardcore practicing in Aurora
-Force Of Habit: Dallas’ KILLER first hardcore band
-The Curse
-Swindled and Gruphume: lost great southern Ontario bands
-Diabolic Force
-Slaughter the FAR superior Canadian metal band
-Chronic Submission: A Straight Edge Skinhead Band the was neither
-Touring with MDC
-Having an amazing hardcore record collection… on tape
-“Santa brought me the Dayglo Abortion Record”
-Flying your freak flag
-The reason the there were no Nazi’s a Punk shows in Toronto
-Sons of Ishmael
-Playing with the Vibrators late and them still being great
-Phleg Camp
-The Nunfuckers
-The Saintnatras/ Chokehold beef
-Selling acid at the merch table
-Getting into LA’s X as an adult
-The lack of mythologizing in Canada
-Being a product of circumstance and unique taste
-Bob Rock is actually pretty punk rock

Episode 19 - Nick Diener (The Swellers)

This week, join Damian as he sits down with The Swellers' Nick Diener in a hotel room in Brisbane, Australia. Listen as the two discuss being on the Swellers’ final tour, and journey that brought him here. 

Also discussed

-The 48 hour birthday
-Not liking Blink 182 until “after” 
-Growing up just pre-Napster
-The Angus Soundtrack
-Green Day
-Pansy Division 
-Learning to play piano to learn the Undertakers' theme
-Millencolin: helping little brothers get over a fear of the basement
-Connecting with Mike from Green Day over a The Get Up Kids’ song at your first show
-Opening every show at The Flint Local 432
-Mustard Plug
-Suicide Machines 
-The Flint All-Ages Scene 2002-2004: the Greatest Scene Ever
-Not fitting in with the pop-punk clique 
-From playing with Propagandhi to touring Paramore within 48hrs
-Cold As Life
-Catch 22
-Easy Action
-Negative Approach
-“Nah, they’re JUST a punk band dudes.”
-Getting in good with the Ernie Ball Family
-Warped Tour routing in a Van
-A Wilhelm Scream
-Less Than Jake
-Mom and dad, I’m getting in the van
-The Fullblast
-Cardboard cutouts of yourself in Japanese record stores
-Only Crime
-Being Vegan in Japan
-Working heel in a band
-Lots of wrestling talk


Welcome dear listener(s) to another edition of Turned Out A Punk. This week Damian sits down with the director of seminal Toronto punk film the Last Pogo (and more recently The Last Pogo Jumps Again) to talk about the onset of Punk in Toronto, and his life after that. Find out how a need to document the Nazi Dogs suicide show led to a life in film and TV. 

Also touched on:

-Nash The Slash the punk before Punk in Toronto
-Blank Generation: the movie that made you want to build a stage
-The Last Pogo's original release show: Buzzcocks, Viletones and Gang Of Four
-Viletones and the rockabilly era
-Bringing your teacher to see the Viletones the night Stephen Leckie promises to kill himself
-Working the door at the first Ramones show outside of New York after a three-paper-oiler joint
-The brilliance of the Scenics and the downside of not being in the clique
-For get The Ugly and The Viletones, here’s the The Curse: A band that scared you.
-The enduring “overnight transformation into a punk”
-Driving cab: the upsides and the downsides
-Making Roadkill
-Picking up the Ramones in a cab and winding up casting Joey
-Gary Topp: Unsung Canadian hero
-The Canadian movie question.
-Highway 61 (The Movie) Revisited
-The bygone scams of an analog world
-Iggy gets an ego post Cannes and has to be replaced by Art.
-Neil Young’s talking head monolog being a deal breaker.
-Hangin’ with Kenneth Anger and getting the dirty secrets of living with Alejandro Jodorowsky
-Six years making The Last Pogo Jumps Again
-The Last Bound Up: not shot and thus forgot


This week on Turned Out A Punk, join Damian as he talks to Cold World's drummer/mastermind Nicholas Wojciechowski about the ascetic battle of rap, and aggressive music that led him to having never been able to read a review of his band that doesn’t mention Rap Metal. 

Also touched on in this episode:

-Getting catalogs 
-The blue grass roots of Cold World
-The independent study time afforded to only-children
-Seeing Ill Repute for your first show… the “Big Rusty Balls” era though
-Bedford: The kings of the Wilkes-Barre PA 
-Politics in service of ego
-No dissing Rolling-On-The-Floorcore
-Back before Revelation put the greats back into print
-“Which was the good CroMags lp?”
-The Holy Trinity of Youth Crew revival
-POS-TOPS not even a sledgehammer could break: Wilkes-Barre Youth crew
-Loving and dressing for Rap
-Dudes growing weed in the lockers
-Beef with “The Hicks”
-Open racism in high school assembly
-Collecting to DJ every genre of danceable music
-Liking Floorpunch in spite of a backlash
-Being on a CD comp with Psywarfare 
-The Rap influence
-The influence of Locking Out 
-Greg Wilmott and Mark McCoy: perennial hardcore tastemakers
-Sitting in rooms reading magazines and books to avoid gun-wielding kids
-Having to play to a Cold World merch line.
-The easy of being cool in 2015: easier to pose
-The REAL Inside Out


On the show this week, join Damian as he interviews Chris Colohan. Listen as the two discuss Chris’ journey through punk, and the amazing music that it has yielded. Not to mention, the important a role Chris played in Damian’s life (and MANY others). 

Also covered:

-Damian winning tickets to see Left For Dead’s first show on the radio
-Hearing Boomtown Rats on radio as first contact
-High School Circle Pits a school dances: running around until a jock pushes you down.
-Think about “the ones that got let behind” on early record buying trips
-The machete attacks and Catholic schools
-Meeting Danko Jones at the legendary House for Zack
-The union of High School misfits
-Chokehold: the first hardcore kids in Hamilton
-The Pre-Moist mod band: The Misunderstood
-Being the non-straightedge kid in a straightedge scene and the reverse
-The historical importance of the basement of Sherwin Lanes Bowling Alley
-Getting thrown on stage during COC and having Pepper physically boot you off stage
-The Toronto Masonic Lodge: From the Concert Hall to the MTV Studio and the taking the bodies out of the floor in between
-The distortion of being small on the perspective of shows
-Shared hated of It Store/ Suckers ownership
-“Oakville blows.”
-The first mention of Matt White: pop-punk genius
-Pre-gentrification Queen And Ossington
-The genius of the pre-Danko Jones prank call tape.
-The awesomeness of Naomi Freeman
-Chris’ vinyl debut… as a cover model.
-The “Saw Is Family” the lost great Left For Dead song
-Jeff Beckman is the angriest man
-Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop Records is responsible for a lot of Toronto hardcore’s good taste
-The transformative power of an h100s’s show
-Left For Dead’s “Fucking Asshole”
-Tony Erba is the real deal
-The Static Age Riot story
-Underestimating how legit Propagandhi is: the Left For Dead/Propagandhi (soy)Beef
-The end of the Left For Dead and the beginning of the Swarm
-Kyle Bishop has great taste
-The formation of The Swarm MKII
-Damian’s first tour being a roadie for the Swarm and the abuse they inflicted upon him
-The Swarm and Relapse
-Chris’s putting on a show for Dallas Goode’s old band
-Damian: the first wave of “Colohfan”
-For the first time, Chris’ watches Damian take a bong rip


On this episode of Turned Out A Punk, Damian gets to chat to Le Sera's Katy Goodman about going from watching New Brunswick basement hardcore shows, to playing at Coachella in the Vivian Girls. Listen in as two discuss touring together, the low points of riding high on the indie hype bubble, and punk. 

Also touched on in this episode:

-Trying to get into NoFX and accidentally getting into the Germs
-Seeing shows at Ridgewood Lodge
-Fletcher And the Sticky Wickets: the pre-Real Estate Cricket referencing ska band
-Interviewing Lars from Rancid for… nothing… or no reason… and not recording it.
-Missing out on Emo?
-The importance of the Gossip
-New Brunswick, New Jersey: the capital of New Jersey Hardcore
-No Way Records 
-Meeting future bandmates because of their choice in socks
-Following the Tragedy, Forward, Warhead Tour deadhead-style to Chaos In Tejas 
-The infamous Mark Pesci's Marked Man stage dive
-Rolling solo to the Fucked Up Hidden World Weekend
-The pre-Vivian Girls bands: The Gutter and We’re Not Virgins
-Finding a bass in a basement
-Having to curse when talking about the Wipers
-The origins of the Vivain Girls name (it’s not a Fucked Up reference, DAMIAN!)
-Poison Idea: literally the best
-Vivian Girls as a Punk band
-Brooklyn Vegan and learning the hard way to never ever read the comments
-People coming to see you play just to hate you
-Lots of Coachella memories 
-Some light Sam Smith discussion


Turned Out A Punk welcomes Don Pyle this week! Join in as Damian and Don discuss being there for the start of punk in Toronto and how it stayed with him throughout his amazing career in Crash Kills Five, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, and Phono Comb. Plus, Damian almost makes it the whole episode without bringing up the Kids In The Hall theme song! 

Also discussed on this episode:

-The pre-punk history of the word “Punk”
-The Modern Lovers as the descendants of The Archies
-Sex Pistols “it was always something that was there, but it was all of the sudden it had a brand and an identify”.
-Seeing the bill of: Tom Rush, Mahogany Rush, and Rush
-The importance of Nuggets and Pebbles as Punk accelerants
-Art Metropole: the store that sold every single punk 
-Being at the first Ramones Show
-Rough Trade: Not a punk band
 -Gary Topp: Canadian Music Hero
-The explosion of ’77
-Choosing music over friends
-The moment you loose a friend to the ‘Nuge
-Waiting for war at an Ugly show at the Turning Point
-The arrival of gangs at Toronto Punk shows
-The Viletones’ “bodyguards
-The great thing about Colin Brunton working door
-Taking shitty pictures of T-Rex at the CNE Bandstand
-Seeing a three piece Talking Heads play to 40 people
-Going from Crash Kills Nine to Five
-Making friends through Viletones' Fan mail
-The Last Pogo the end on the second wave of the first wave of Toronto punk scene
-Being inspired by hearing about Wire
-An amazingly subtle Happy Gilmore reference
-Gary Pig Gold's distro
-Imants' classified ad in Bomp and Touch and Go
-The Proto-Hardcore of Ugly Models
-“You’re from a shitty bar band, you aren’t a punk!”
-The careerist nature of some of the first wave of local punk bands
-DIY: The big take away from punk
-Refusing to sign on the dotted line
-Getting ripped off by everyone but Touch And Go
-Being subcontracted for Dragon’s Den
-Being conflicted nature of the Clash (again)


This week Damian is joined by hardcore legend Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. Jamey also had his own podcast ‘The Jasta Show’ and various other projects, including former owner of Listen in as the two talk about Jamey’s rise from throwing park shows in Connecticut Commons, to being in one of the most popular aggressive bands in the world. For the first part of the conversation check out Episode 55. 

Also discussed in the episode:

-Metallica’s Black Album, a record worth fight over
-Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, and Bad Brains “going metal” and having it speak to you
-Roger Merit as inspirational pin-up
-The elitism of underground music scenes
-The burden of being unable to get into Fugazi
-Cold calling for a show and having it work
-Playing a club the night after a GG Allin show: SHOES REQUIRED
-Being thrown out of a band as motivation to start a new band
-Putting on outdoors show on the New Haven Green
-Booking Conerstone to play Leeway and CroMags
-Be careful what gets used as a pull quote: "The starting Hatebreed as a reaction to Quicksand" story.
-Hardcore is: “Infest, Voorhees and Man Is The Bastard”
-The second wave of having Ray and Porcell pissed at you
-Connecticut: “We were dicks”
-Booking Saves The Day and New Found Glory
-Never being above playing a certain type of show
-Touring with the Voorhees and being booked by Neil from Nausea
-Matt Galley: From Hatebreed… merch guy to booking My Chemical Romance
-Trading records with Assuck and Ebullition
-Dutch East India
-Dwid and the Integrity split
-Jamming with people who are “stable”


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Chris Murphy from Sloan for an episode 20 years in the making! Listen as the two discuss the impact hardcore punk had on Chris’s outlook and career in music; as he became a Canadian rock icon (Damian’s words not his). 

Also chewed on:

-First contact with the Sex Pistols at a lunchtime grade 7 school dance.
-Liking U2 being a subversive act…. in 1982 Halifax.
-The greatness of the Jellyfishbabies
-Trying to determine whether or not you like Minor Threat over the phone
-CKDU: Halifax’s window to the greater music world
-The secret Halifax roots of 80’s Montreal Hardcore.
-A brief history of Halifax Punk
-Seeing Capitalist Alienation
-Damian explaining Power Violence to Chris 
-“I wasn’t even into Sonic Youth, I thought that stuff was crap”
-The vocal range of Ian MacKaye versus Pat Dubar
-“White Magic” punk
-Road tripping to hang out in DC to see shows and living in a van for 3 weeks… twice
-Going off to see the Wizard of DC
-The Importance of Ian MacKaye and Fugazi… WWID? (again)
-Punk as an introduction to irony
-Never let you parents find your un-credited Angry Samoans’ lyrics transcriptions
-Milo Goes To Sloan Shows
-Applying the strategy of punk history
-Being more like Dave Grohl than Kurt Cobain


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Nicky from one of his current favorite bands, Nothing. Listen as the two discuss the punk journey that led Nicky to form Nothing, and that took him to violence and prison. 

Some of the other more pleasant subjects visited include:

-Hoping the fence to get into the crazy Vice 20TH Party
-Having a Post-Punk Mom
-Being a lil’ skinhead
-The amazingness of Punk Philadelphia
-Smokin’ PCP in prison
-Mike from Fucked Up being an OG OLC’s much hated “Faggario"
-The brilliance of the Right Brigade demo
-The undeniable greatness of No Warning
-Getting “signed” to Deathwish before the Horror Show demo
-The mod-effect 
-The “All Hell Breaking Loose” years of Philly
-The drawback of getting mail in prison
-Ozzfest: the darkest side of the brighter side of humanity
-The naturalness of hard vocals
-Dom A839 Records is the best
-How did non-punk bands do it?
-The frustration of getting a band together
-Signing to Relapse
-Pro-wrestling (again)


For this weeks episode Damian journeys out to Hamilton to sit down with his friend(and former bandmate), Alexisonfire and Dead Tired vocalist George Pettit. The two talk about George’s transition from Lookout Records, to being a part of a huge band, to finding peace with walking away from music, to starting a new band just for the joy of it. More transitions than a butterfly… Okay… as many. 

Also touched on: 

-In defense of Epitaph Punk-O-Rama
-SnoJam: The Winter Warped Tour
-The Toronto Breakout years
-Fucked Up benefiting from the “Alexisonfire Effect”
-Punk music discovery in the pre-internet 
-The Screeching Weasel Message Board circa late 90’s: Where you can
loose your virginity and meet a young pre-No Warning Ben Cook
-Mods N Rockers: The radio show of “our” time.
-“Are you going to go to college, or are you going to ride the lighting in your screamo band?”
-The awesomeness of the VML 7” series
-The influence of Level Plane and Magic Bullet Records
-No Warning: An undeniable band even if they were dicks to you
-Getting into rotation and ending democracy at Much Music in the process
-Using the Canadian Music Industry
-The guilt and pride of a legacy
-Blowing Guille from Destino Final mind.
-Being huge and small at the same time
-Hamilton: one of the first places of punk
-Hoping to influence the person who will really effect change

Episode 9 - Antwon

For this episode of Turned Out A Punk Damian is joined by one of his favorite rap artists Antwon! Kick your feet up as the two discuss Antwon’s journey from skate punk kid to a world touring, beloved rapper. 

Also covered in this episode:

-The influence of Tony Hawk game soundtracks
-Rich kids and punk
-Friends becoming “normals”
-Fury 66 and the Santa Cruz connection
-Sick Of it All
-Trying to first understand hardcore dancing
-Selfies with The Casualties in the Noughties  
-Scotty Karate: Rad dude.
-Envy of the Dungeons And Dragons’ kids
-The plight of husky kids
-The nuances of sweatpants
-The gnarliness of a Gilman show
-Tony Molina is awesome
-Life on the run.
-Redemption through incarceration?
-The importance of Mishka clothing to music
-Trying to meet Andy McCoy 
-Touring with White Lung
-Touring as a way to see the world.
-Would you go on the Warped Tour 

EPISODE 8 - Tom Scharpling (The Best Show)

THE BEST SHOW LIVES! To celebrate, Turned Out A Punk is lucky enough to have the host of The Best Show: Tom Scharpling. Listen as Damian and Tom discuss discovering punk in small town New Jersey, and how Tom goes on to create a radio show empire that counts some of the best and brightest from the comedy and music worlds. 

Also touched on:

-Husker Du as first contact.
-Discovering Punk in isolation
-The oppression of 80’s Springsteenmania in New Jersey
-Frankie Goes To Hollywood: New Jersey’s PissChrist
-REM rocks the lunchroom.
-Conflict zine as inspiration for everything. (See, I told you Gerard!)
-Too Fun Too Huge the lesser known pre-Matador Records zines
-The wishing well of record mail-order back in the day.
-Gerard Cosloy is AWESOME!
-The label not even a MUTHA could love.
-Sneaking to "Eating Clubs" to see icons of indie rock
-Dinosaur Jr.
-“EATING IT” the CBGB of comedy.
-H. John Benjamin and Jon Glaser’s “Get Hyped”: the best performance of anything ever. 
-The importance of an early David Cross’ blessing 
-The Best Show as a band member’s secret handshake
- Damian gushing about The Best Show


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian sits down with one of his musical heroes: Cleveland hardcore legend Tony Erba!!!! Listen as Damian nerds out on Tony’s bands: Face Value, h100s, 9 Shocks Terror, Gordon Solie, and Mother Fuckers… Check out Tony's new band, Fuck You Pay Me! WARNING: MAY OFFEND SOME LISTENERS. 

Also touched on:

-Being 11 years old and having his mind blown by AC/DC
-The gateway of Ripper fanzine
-The Dead Kennedys: the bringers of hardcore (again)
-St. Valentines Records
-The importance of the The Guns
-LECK: The dumbest band that spawned a huge chunk of Cleveland
-The PR genius of Dwid
-Confront, and the dark side of straight edge
-"Never trust a hippie or a Juggalo"
-The incomprehensible live insanity of the h100s
-Getting run out of New Jersey 
-"The h100s with a different singer"
-Damian geeking out about records
-The greatness of Devour Records…. but not so much to be the label
-The improvements made to the DIY infrastructure since the 90's.
-Tons More!!!!!


This week Damian sits down with his good friend Steven McDonald from OFF! and Red Kross, for a conversation that was so good that they had to record it twice! Steven is the definition of a lifer, having started playing in punk bands at the age of 11 in 1978. He shares amazing and legitimately terrifying stories from hardcore’s formative days. Sit back and enjoy this EPIC 2+ HOUR hang out!!!! Plus, behind the scenes of their VICE-20 Hardcore bands.

Also covered in this episode:

-Steven's genuine curiosity about Damian having been “straight edge” 
-The two's evening spent getting to become "Cro-Mags Adjacent"
-Seeing Patti Smith as a child
-Being cousins of the Allycats
-McDonald's and husky kids
-How the Dickies "10" White Dickie" kills Junior High School popularity.  
-The A&R skills of Greg Ginn
 -"Little kid band" beef with Mad Society?
-The Germs being THE band.
-Rollins: the prototypical hardcore kid
-An impassioned debate on downloading 
-Record stores as laxatives


 Join in this week as Damian chats with his friend and “record-puter-outer”; Matador Records boss, Gerard Cosloy. The two discuss Gerard's adolescents in the nascent days of Boston punk, and hardcore. 

Also covered in this episode:

-The Dead Kennedys bringing the 'core to Boston
-The importance of the institution of WBCN
-Almost being in SSD
-The superior "Radio Cart" versions of songs
-Being at the Negative FX Riot at the Mission To Burma show
-The spectacle that was the only Last Rights show
-The burden of nostalgia
-Managing the unbelievable talent of Deep Wound (pre Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh)
-Vile: the most hated band in Boston.
-The victories and regrets of Homestead Records.
-Why is Breaking Circus so overlooked?
-Taking pride in having put out The Frogs.
-Conflict Zine: pride and shame
-The wisdom of the "asshole record store clerk"
-Patrick Amory's Too Fun Too Huge
-The perils of ridding in van's with Keith Morris in the early 80's



On this episode of Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy. The extended conversation goes many places, including serious discussions about misogyny and sexual violence in punk, as well as far less serious topics.

Some of the lighter topics touched on include:

-Collections as sanctuary
-The Punk Parent Privilege
-Tour Isolation
-"In door" Dads
-The awesome Pissed Jeans
-Punk is Theatre Kid
-Pro-Wrestling: the punkest of all-sports
-Taking a pictures of Rob Van Dam and Booker T
-The Murder Junkies
-David Bowie style icon


This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian invites his good friend Danko Jones over for a chat. Sit back as the two discuss Danko’s weird voyage; from touring with Bratmobile, to touring with Nickelback…

Also covered in the episode:

-The transitioning from metal to punk via crossover
-Getting into punk through record stores
-The epiphany that is, hearing the Bad Brains for the 1st time
-Community radio: gateway to subculture
-Jill Heath former Black Flag roadie turned tai chi wielding superhero
-The "asshole record store clerk" as cultural guardian
-Clash vs. the Sex Pistols (again)
-Toronto two-piece geniuses Leather Uppers 
-The letter of recommendation that punk can be
-Being the hippest Toronto band
-Meeting kindred spirits in The Make Up
-Being a DC Hardcore band
-Shitting in Guy from Fugazi's house.
-The “What would Ian do?” guilt (again)
-Cool is cool!
-Danko losing respect for Damian over his not liking of Fugazi

Episode 2 - Arcade Fire

On this episode of Turned Out A Punk, Damian runs off the stage at a festival in Germany to sit down with Jeremy and Richard from Arcade Fire. Listen as they discuss the transition from Southern Ontario DIY hardcore kids, to members of one of the biggest bands in the world. 

Also covered in this episode: 

-The pre-Arcade Fire bands
-The metal band that was the Rosetta Stone of Toronto indie rock
-Going to shows at ‘Who's Emma’
-The Importance of Godspeed You Black Emperor 
-The "What Would Ian (Mackey) Do?" guilt.
-Food Not Bombs
-The lost genius of Okara
-Chris Colohan is the greatest dude ever
-Sharing the pit at an Assuck show on the front lawn of a frat house with hardcore legend Tony Erba in the 90's


In the first episode of Turned Down A Punk, Damian sits down with Martin Mills, the Head-hancho of Beggars Music Group to find out how finding punk music started him on the path to indie music domination.

Also covered in this episode:

-His firsthand view of the cultural year zero that was punk
-Putting out one of the first punk singles
-Renting Gary Neman his first keyboard
-Chrome sleeping on his floor
-Never meeting Scott Walker
-Sex Pistols vs. The Clash.
-Working with the Fall.
-Working with the Ramones.
-Working with Adele.
-Not working with Nirvana and REM