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What's the point in trying to write this in the third person? Hello, my name is Damian Abraham and welcome to the future!!! …. or my webpage.

Some things you may already know or may want to know about me:


- A DAD: I have PHYSICAL proof that I have had intercourse (at least) twice. The names of the evidence are Holden and Dorian. I love them very much.

- A SINGER IN A BAND: Years ago, a music teacher told me I had no future in music. WELL LOOK AT ME NOW!  I make my living as lead vocalist of the band Fucked Up. For almost 15 years we have had the opportunity to tour all over the world and put out records (on Arts and Craft and Matador Records currently). Any info can be found on our site In addition to Fucked Up, I've also sang in Millennial Reign, Bergenfield Four, Criminally Insane, Pink Eye, and Promise Kept. All of the previous bands are in various stages of sedentariness... for now. More info can be found elsewhere on the internet.

- AN ON-AIR PERSONALITY: From former Much Music VJ to VICE weed documentary host, is there anything off camera that I can't do in front of a camera? More info will be coming soon on some other projects.

- A GUY WHO DRAWS: I enjoy illustrating for my own amusement, but occasionally I have been asked to do it for other people. You can see said stuff in the drawing section. 

- A GUY THAT COLLECTS RECORDS: Diversions are necessary to help keep one sane. To stave off the madness, I collect records (tapes and zines, too!) focusing on punk. "Want List" section is coming soon featuring records I'm looking for. In the meantime if you have a ‘Confront’ on red GET IN TOUCH! 

- ANOTHER ASSHOLE WITH A PODCAST: See the podcast section for more info.

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