This Week on Toap

There are the good ones and there are the better ones and this is even better than that! This week Damian is joined by legend Brix Smith-Start to talk about life before the Fall as well as Adult Net and her fantastic new book! Also covered: 


Having Punk Parties after school


Not being allowed to go se the Runaways and Ramones


Susan Hoff and Brix go to Rodney’s… little intense


Queen: The best live band EVER


Not ascribing to a tribe 


a passion for fashion 


the Clash and The Stray Cats


The UK Post Punk


Selling your fancy clothes to get music


The Carpenters RULES


The Vocals Change: Aerosmith to Discharge


Seeing U2 on their first tour


Hard Edge New Wave


Knowing you would wind up in England


A step-father goes looking for a Vivian Westwood Pirate outfit.


Nice guys do make Rock N Roll: Meeting the Ramones in highschool


Being bad a kid in the big bad city of New York.


Murdered classmates


Puking on Heroin on Joey Ramone


Going to A7… ONCE


Bad Brains


Black Flag


Touring with Gun Club


Building a Scene: Sugar Cubes, The Bad Seeds, Pussy Galore, Swans Neibaten 


Marcia Schofield: the wild one


Being the one that keeps the wheels on the road in all senses


Giving Nirvana your rider


Everything changes


The model breaks


Martin Mills: the enduring force


John Robb: the best ad for Straight Edge Vegan Life


Forming a band


Banda Dratsing 


Bret Easton Ellis: was he punk?


and so much more!!!!